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In 1991 Susan Nickerson was asked by an overwhelmed producer to "just deal with this stock stuff" on a project. At that moment she found her calling. Her passions for both creative visual storytelling and meticulous research synergized into the perfect application, and the premier film research and clearance consultancy was born.


Over the past 30 years the name Nickerson Research has become synonymous with delivering both transcendent content and seemingly impossible clearances for both film and advertising. As the original film research and clearance service specializing in the advertising industry, the breadth and depth of our experience is unsurpassed.




With over a quarter century of experience Nickerson Research has evolved into an international team of creators, artists, performers, researchers, investigative reporters, filmmakers, comedians, archivists, sports experts, historians, photographers, producers, activists, documentarians, curators, tech junkies, and much more.  A diverse team brings a diverse point of view to each project, covering every angle and exploring unusual routes all while working around the clock.


This unparalleled network of skill-sets enables us to combine both old and new-school research techniques - this is our hallmark . We combine historical offline research experience - utilizing libraries, news agencies, bookstores, film archives - for information, while also utilizing cutting-edge technology to find everything that is online and beyond.


New sources of incredible imagery materialize every day. To ensure you have the key shot for your project we call on our relationships with cinematographers and content creators around the world, as well as our unparalleled ability to search out the emerging new artist.  No path is left unexplored. It is our love of the unexplored path that makes us the very best at what we do.



From project inception, we join your team as a creative collaborator to present solutions and fill creative holes. We work seamlessly with you to get your vision off the boards and on the screen. From pre-production through post we are with you, oftentimes we are in the edit room to provide instantaneous personal, creative support throughout your entire process.



We work closely with your producers, business affairs and legal teams to get the contracts and clearances needed to keep your project on time, on budget and wrapped up tight.  We understand the extreme pressures of advertising timelines and will work tirelessly to get you to a stress free ship date.


No challenge is too great. From tracking down an “impossible” shot, to locating elusive talent who may not want to be found, we love to take a cold trail and put our investigative skills to the test.

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